Zoutch ! demonstrations

An event is looming and it's time for preparations!

Horror! You can already imagine the impressive list of things to do to ensure that your event is a success. You have thought of contacts that could help you but you dread having to coordinate all of them.

What if Zoutch ! could do that for you ?

Tell Zoutch ! what you need and Zoutch ! will assign tasks to whoever want to deal with them.

Zoutch ! can also help you to:

  • create groups of people,
  • collect objects,
  • sound out your contacts (about a date or else…)

Zoutch ! can also be very useful to create wedding lists, birth lists, etc. List presents you would like and your close relations will tick your Zoutch ! list.

Here are few Zoutch ! use cases. This list is not complete at all. Zoutch ! might help you in many other situations.

Easy Scheduling example

With this demonstration you will see how easy it is to schedule a meeting.
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In family: wedding animations organization.

Not easy to please both families ... organizing a wedding can not be improvised!
Examples of the same type: Organizing a birthday, a surprise ...
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With friends: collaborative barbecue organization.

This is Nathan's birthday. He decided to organize a collaborative barbecue with friends.
Examples of the same type: Organizing a theme party, disguised ...
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In association: Organization of a painting workshop for children

When organizing an internship, you must think of everything. Anna definitely knows that: so she shares her needs with everyone using Zoutch !
Examples of the same type: Organise your events, schedule meetings, assign tasks ...
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For your lists: Example of a birth list

It is a happy event! Emma arrived, she is doing well. But what could she need? Her parents tell you more in this birth list demonstration.
Examples of the same type: Wedding lists, school year lists ...
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